Monday, 13 February 2017

What happens to time?

I'm sure that question has been asked countless times, but this applies to my time! I am getting to the end of editing the 4th in my series of  'Price' novels and enjoying the experience bacause I think I'm improving on earlier work. The advice to a writer is to edit and re-edit all the time, and I do that anyway, but taking a whole book chapter for chapter is on a different level. Taking all nine books in the series is a different level again because I must keep that continuity in my mind. At the end of the editing I will go back to the 10th novel in the series. I have started it and written about 4 chapters. I am adding notes and ideas when I get them.

Keeping a record of one's activities is part of writing this blog. I need a reminder of the good and the bad! And the comment below is pretty well all bad and certainly sad.

In August I told my chorus that I would be leaving. The chorus was getting smaller so that the sound was deteriorating. Unpunctuality and absenteeism were also sending me messages. I had run the course, I decided. No matter how much fun I had, it was time to stop. I could not do performances with a few amateur singers who could not do justice to my arrangements, even if they knew them by heart, which was often not the case. A chorus is not a public convenience, as the attitude of many seemed to be. We met again to practice Xmas stuff for two concerts, the second of which was on December 8th. Since then I have not heard a word. There was not even a Xmas or New Year greeting. Nothing at all. Towards the end of January I took down the blog I had made for them, in which I tried to keep up to date with dates etc. There was no reaction to that, either, but mainly because most of them did not bother to look at it anyway!

What should I make of a dwindling group that has obviously given me up for dead? Did I think I had friends there? It's disappointing but not really unexpected to realize that I didn't. No one will read these lines because they are not in German and I don't suppose anyone even knows I have this blog.
Should that not be the case, it would be nice to hear if my arrangements are being sung in my absence, or anything that would be of interest to me. Otherwise, I expect the silence will be permanent.

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