Saturday, 2 June 2018

What did you say?


What's that?

Another delicious word from one of the illustrious word-of-the-day sites I get delivered every day in an attempt to keep up my English while I speak mostly in German. So what does it mean:
1. lustful or sensual and 2. eagerly desirous
A thesaurus can advise you on synonyms, some of which are rather obscene and should be used with care, while this one has an educated air about it, though it is a down-to-eath adjective. 
As a writer, I'm always looking for them. Words, I mean. The right one sometimes escapes me since I don't use that many in speech, but would like to see a variety of vocab. in my book chapters and  I fancy I could use this adjective. It actually describes quite a lot of people I know or used to know. I don't count myself in. 
I don't think anyone would use or even have used that word to describe me. I'm not sad about that. There something prmiscuous about the word. That's because it immediately reminds one of 'concubine', a word I have used in a novel and a role I have only played on the operatic stage - and even if that was not strictly true, I would hardly own up to it, would I? 
I found the word too late to describe persons (women) I have seen off (killed off) in a literary way, so I might have to create one to fill the description. An inspiring thought.
Maybe I'll wait and see what tomorrow has to offer. I wonder if concupiscent can be used to describe men? If not, what is the equivalent? I can think of some, but they are not very nice.
Food for thought: The word concupiscent has been around since the 14th century, and I'd never heard it before. I suppose its one of the  hundreds of thousands that I don't know.

I'm curious to see if the word exists translated into German:It does, as "l├╝sternd", which can be used to decribe a man probably more appropriately than "sinnlich" which you could translate as "sexy", but in the example I found it was used to decribe something culinary being served in such a way. I'm sure that is not the last word spoken o this word and I doubt wether even the miost artistic of chefs would decribe his culinary artworks as concupiscent.



Thursday, 31 May 2018

What happened to the poems?

I did keep up the poetry writing for a few days (see previous post), but I have to be in the right mood and I was battling with getting my banking, such as it is, organised. The bank I was leaving, which had low security (in my case at least - MCs were hacked several times and had to be replaced), was not cooperative, but eventually I got it all straightened out with the help of the managen at the other bank, where I had already had an account, but opened a new one to facilitate the move - if the bank I was leaving had cooperated.
For the past weeks I have been struggling with the Eurotunnel booking I moved from last September 10 to a day earlier, but it had not gone through, though I had a confirmation thereof.. It's a very long story, and almost unbelievable, but they have lost my booking alstogether seemingly and I no longer have the right codes because they were not sent to me after a frantic couple off hours in Calais and a reulting phone call with a helpline assistant who postponed my booking to June 30th. The original booking has apparently now disappeared altogether. The revised one has also disappeared for this June. I am now communicating with a nice guy called Jim at the accounts department somewhere in charge of Eurotunell accounts. The company does not pay money back even for travel they cannot honour! It beggars belief! One more try tomorrow, then I will ask them for a charity receipt so that I can offset the lost fare from tax..... What fun I've been having.

So my drawing and writing have suffered greatly and with my granddaughter's christening coming up in Hamburg and July and August spent in the UK, there's little chance that I will get much writing done, though I will do lots of drawing. Here's my most recent effort.
I will try to update my doodledallying blog very soon. The address is listed in the right hand column on this blog. I posted all the new poems on my russian doll poetry site, also listed on the right here.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Vesti la giubba ...

I got a notification from this website to say that there would be a challenge to write a poem every day in April and after not writing any poetry at all for well over a year, I have decided to join in.
It's really a basic attempt to keep moving mentally - like a sort of brain jogging - but also because poetry and the art of using words economically can take a form other than the short cuts and abbreviations common in cell phone communications and is a wonderfully expressive medium!
Carry on reading for a bit more on the poetry exploit and performances of the famous tenor aria from Pagliacci (hence the title of this post).

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Things wear out

I'm not thinking of myself at this moment, but with advancing old age I notice that parts of me are the worse for wear, e.g. my left knee (twisted it years ago and have never really got it back to normal), my right shoulder (too many Match 3 computer games and I hate doing them with my left hand though I am actually left-handed), my hands (arthritis) and I must confess: my patience, which was never much to write home about e.g. I got a comment on a junior school end of term report that said that "she does not suffer fools gladly". I suppose that's still true today and often with regard to equipment that comes and goes regularly in my household.The criticism contradts all the foolish things I have done in my life, but why live in the past? you can't change it.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

A slow boat to China

I have just spent a solid 3 hours trying to update the format of my art (now mostly doodling) blog HERE. Saturday is not the right day for doing that. My WIFI is painfully slow and blogger takes its time changing anything. I still have a long way to go and this website needs smarteng up, too. I suppose I could go back to having a wevsite, but that is even more work and less convenient. I gave that up years ago. For leisure purposes a systemized blog is the best solution, especially if you are keen on adding lots of images!
It's weekend so have a nice one!

Friday, 16 March 2018


Writing a novel always involves research. For me it has included tree-stealing in Canada, poisoned toadstools  and campanology. This time I'm in the region of magic spells and google brought me this link, which really amazed me.
I can assure you that I will not be including the content of that website in my book. I am not about to promote black magic! Who are the women who indulge? I have never knowingly met one. Do they out themselves to like-minded?

There are of course nice places to get information, including this one.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Funny things happen

I came across this wonderful video and want to share it. As a opera singer I have experienced quite a few funny and a few frightening moments. This pianist took it all in good part. I was quite sorry for the 'movers' who were playing an unexpected role in the start of this concert.