Saturday, 17 March 2018

A slow boat to China

I have just spent a solid 3 hours trying to update the format of my art (now mostly doodling) blog HERE. Saturday is not the right day for doing that. My WIFI is painfully slow and blogger takes its time changing anything. I still have a long way to go and this website needs smarteng up, too. I suppose I could go back to having a wevsite, but that is even more work and less convenient. I gave that up years ago. For leisure purposes a systemized blog is the best solution, especially if you are keen on adding lots of images!
It's weekend so have a nice one!

Friday, 16 March 2018


Writing a novel always involves research. For me it has included tree-stealing in Canada, poisoned toadstools  and campanology. This time I'm in the region of magic spells and google brought me this link, which really amazed me.
I can assure you that I will not be including the content of that website in my book. I am not about to promote black magic! Who are the women who indulge? I have never knowingly met one. Do they out themselves to like-minded?

There are of course nice places to get information, including this one.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Funny things happen

I came across this wonderful video and want to share it. As a opera singer I have experienced quite a few funny and a few frightening moments. This pianist took it all in good part. I was quite sorry for the 'movers' who were playing an unexpected role in the start of this concert.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Kelly's Secret

I have just all but re-written this ovel. It started out as a harmless cleanup, but I made a lot of changes. I plan to work over all the Miss Price novels (listed on the right), but I'm already thinking in terms of the 12th in the series and making notes as ideas come to me. Revising former novels helps because some of the characters appear in all the books and there are now too many of them to remember all the details. For that reason things do change with the revision. The end of this novel is not the same. The crimes have all been solved, but there is a short romantic episode to close the procedings. "Tbe Beachhut Murders" is now revised and instead of shortening it, Clarifying certain points required another 9000 words, so it is now quite long (over 109 000 words).
My next revision should be "The Choral Killings" because that is the most recently written novel and is still more or less a draft! But I'm keeping my options open.

And yes, it's my most absorbing way of using my time so I'll just carry on regardless ....

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Choral Killings

No, not wishful thinking although I can think of a few choral singers I could personally in my days of chorul direction have willingly done without, but the 11th novel in the Miss Price series, the link to which you can find on this page in the right hand column.

I entered the novel into the NANOWRIMO project last night and am glad to see the back of it. It has been the most problematical of the series and I was near to chucking it out after taking several runs at it.
But now and somehow I have brought it to a conclusion, though am not happy about it. It is longer than I wanted it to be and will need extensive revision. However, I'm pleased that I got to the end finally, even if it was not the way I thought it would go.... My attempt at keeping to my synopses was again flaunted - by me! Anyway......

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Can you watch this?

Unfortunately, YouTube has an unfathomable censorship system that means that this Video cannot be viewed in the UK. Sorry!

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Trick and/or treat

I came across this in the Guardian:

I think that says it all about the brexit farce.

Halloween and the witches and brexiters are abroad... No they aren't! Abroad is foreign and foreign is one of the coups brexit is about. Out with all or most EU foreigners, in with the treats (gained by trickery, bluff and the Westminster goon show?).

Maybot/Mayhem and her acolytes have not yet realized that the EU politicians are onto the deceit and lies the tories have been spreading around in the name of sovreignty, freedom from foreign justice and  too much more to mention.

Leaving the EU means that the UK can again ignore health warnings on food, fish the North Sea empty and ..... I give up. At least I am not answerable for it all since I am an expat of nearly 52 years and therefore have no rights beyond that of being allowed to take up residence there. But I can't because I could never afford the cost.

So I'll stay here in Germany, if they'll let me, and hope I live to see the day when the UK gets its just (brexit) deserves. I know that's schadenfreude, but it sort of balances out the shame I feel for the decadent brexshit mentality that allows the country to go to the dogs.