Thursday, 2 March 2017

Sleep, sheep and other modifications

YASNI is a search engine (search me) that sends a weekly report on how many if any have searched for one's name during the past few days. I don't write as many comments now, but this one came up and I want to hang on to it. so it's further down this entry.
The article to which I responded is HERE - you can scroll down to my comment, which also includes a painting, but I have removed it here.
Shakespeare wrote many lines about sleep. LOOK HERE for
Sleep that knits up the ravell'd sleave of care, The death of each day's life, sore labour's bath, Balm of hurt minds, great nature's second course, Chief nourisher in life's feast.

Have you ever thought about all the things we say? Many book and Musical titles can be traced back to Shakespeare, whoever that was (or how ever many of them wrote all that amazing stuff).
The author of the column you can link to first was a painter named Robert Genn. After he died I stopped contributing or even reading the letters, written presumably by his daughter. Somehow that project died for me with the sad death of it's proprietor.

Start the day now! The sun is struggling through a thick layer of rain-cloud this morning. I expect there'll be a storm in due course. Last night we had a thunderstorm - unusual for March 1st.

This morning I misread the title of your letter as "In praise of sheep" and proceeded to read and interpret the contents of the first paragraph on that basis. 

The laugh was on me, of course, except that counting sheep is a tried and tested soporific.

What was not mentioned in the letter was the fact that the designated 7 hours is only barely believable since the amount of sleep one needs at any time depends on other factors, e.g. adrenaline level at bed time, physical tiredness, previous lack of sleep. 

The afternoon nap can actually replace several hours of night time sleep, as any stage performer will tell you. In fact, as I singer, I know that the hour or two in the land of nod after lunch are invaluable for the evening performance.

UK Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher is said to have needed only 4 hours sleep per night. But she is now suffering from Alzheimer's and your RLZ letter made me wonder if the cause is at least in part due to regular lack of sleep during her working life.

I have renamed the "Regulated Life Zones" to "Ritually Lazy Zombies," which might apply to some habitual sleep abusers. 

Another reason not mentioned is that 7 hours is the maximum duration of sleep before the body starts to poison itself due to chemical processes.

What is really important is not to think one is an insomniac. Waking time can be more usefully spent than by tossing and turning. I'm not sure counting sheep qualifies, but maybe if you count backward from a million and recite every digit, your insomnia will be dissipated in no time at all.

I'm trying to move on from painting slavishly to just having fun whatever the consequences! 

I did read that more than 7 hours sleep at a stretch can cause the body to start poisoning itself, the reason being that the detoxification process is then reversed, but a prolonged search has not found me the link! However, if you google sleep and toxin you will find out also sorts of stuff to keep you awake at night plus a few patented widgets to aid detoxification! 
Not reading all that stuff may be a cure for insomnia. Or try Pooh Bear!

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