Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Well into winter

Maybe it really is colder this January, or maybe I just feel the cold more.
I am not going to write much now because I have given myself a project that I hope will not take up the whole year, but is bound to take up time I might have used updating blogs! The task is editing and some rewriting all my books in the Price series (see links to the right). I have revised all the books many times, but not quite as intensively so a new look at them was due if not overdue.I am currently updating "Finch's Folly".
I have also started a new novel, but the necessity of revising previous books was gnawing at me, so that is a priority. The "Friends" saga, with over 163000 words by far the longest, started out as two separate books, but eventually got joined up and has now remained joined up, with the 3rd of the 3 parts more or less independent story-wise, but relying on the previous parts of the book for characters and some incidents.
To make it easier to see where a story has been updated, I will change the numeration of the chapters. Since there will be some regrouping of text, it is advisable not to read later parts of books until I have worked on them. Scroll down for the first chapter. They are always all on one page.

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