Tuesday, 25 November 2014

How creative is creative?

For the record, at the time of writing this post I have written 46613 words of my novel, the minimum for entry being 50 000. I've no idea how far I will exceed that amount. There are still a number of factors to be resolved. The original murder, whose idea gave me the book (and its title), is not yet solved, except in my mind, though there is also an intellectual struggle gong on since the character I decided had done the deed has suffered so much that it's making it a hard job not to sympathise with her. For that reason I might have to slip in another crime. But if I do that, I'm stretching limits of possibility and contradicting the clues I have hidden in the earlier parts of the novel.

I think the mental exercise I get from writing is possibly the most stimulating part of my day. I doesn't really matter whether the books find a publisher. Maybe one day. By then there'll be at least 6 in the series!

Needless to say, everything else is on the back burner, except for the two choruses I direct. But the next few days the novel will be finished and I can get back 'normal'.