Thursday, 27 November 2014

Done and...

....dusted, as someone I used to know often said when she had completed a task.

My task is my novel. Finished this morning and entered immediately. The badge on the right proves it!
Apart from the badge, there's nothing to win for spending the whole (or neally all) of November writing a new novel, when there are so many already. Some writers have a publisher and write under time pressure as an exercise that produces a saleable book. Others, like me, write for the fun of it. When the book is finished, you get a tremendous kick out of the achievement, and I can't wait to write another, but need to polish the book I wrote in the spring of this year before I get going on something new.

Who reads my books? I do. I put them on my kindle and read them in bed. I can completely forget that I wrote something until I come across a howler. Then I get irate and next morning the first thing I do is correct any mistakes I've found the previous night.

On the whole, life gets back to normal for a bit now. I catch up on half finished drawings and paintings, arrange music, read other people's books, and practise the piano, which has been sorely neglected. I also need to go to the gym regularly. I'll do that from next week (this week is already booked out!)

This blog is my diary, so maybe I'll enter something a bit more regularly in December!