Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Revision day

After reading dozens of missprints in the book PDF on my kindle last night, I decided I really have to sneak in a day of looking at everything I've written - there are incongruencies that have to be got (ten) rid of.

And yes - the participle gotten is a good one. The English language as spoken in the UK does not enjoy the revision the language was put through in the USA, but at the same time rejects words that are really handy if antiquated! (You could ask why US english hangs on to old-fashioned words like gotten). Alas and alack - all the superfluous double letters were left in in EN (German actually went back to allowing triple consonants e.g. Schifffahrtskapitän).

I have an ongoing fight to distinguish between alright (US) and all right (EN), but there are lots of other words whose spelling I prefer to be US. I like zeds (zees) insetead of esses (realized - realised). It's a long story, and I must get more revision done. Over 30 thousand words are waiting to be approved or disapproved - not disproved, though that might apply to some, and to be honest, I'm not entirely sure which word is the right one! I'll look it up and correct here another time.