Friday, 26 September 2014

Chuffed I am....

Chuffed is a Northern UK way of saying one is happy.

Over a year ago I drew this zen doodle:


Today I came across this artist and remembered my drawing immediately. Of course, her work is accomplished and beautiful. I expect drawing lines seems silly to anyone who hasn't given it a proper try, but this kind of doodling will be part of my drawing programme for a while. I still want to keep to my own style, of course. A few patterns may creep in, but not the plethora I've been producing lately. Here are 4 of them. The photos are victims of poor lighting, despite my using the flash! I'm noving on now, to draw some in the style of 'heart-felt' or 'rose'.

plethora 1 (A3)

plethora 2 (A3)

plethora 3(A3)

plethora 4(A4)

I was trying lots of new patterns out in the 4 hectic coloured drawings above and used very few of the ones I already knew, so the drawings are really quite experimental.

I drew the rose around the same time as 'heart-felt':

So my next drawings will be mainly in a line-dominated style, but using my oirignal ideas. I have plenty waiting to be drawn, as well as stories waiting to be written and music waiting to be composed. Time to get busy!
Having finished my current novel I am struggling through detailed corrections on the first novel I wrote, which is far too long. I did have it in 2 and then even 3 sections, but was very unhappy with the result, so now it's all stuck together again (about 145 000 words) and cutting would mean truncating character studies and possibly destroying the plot that is a whodunit threaded into more descriptive writing. The next 3 whodunit novels are normal length, which is between 60 and 70 thousand words, with one main plot and a couple on the side and more character studies of the same people as are in all the books, but including new faces, of course. I hope to have finished all corrections by the end of October, as a new novel has to be written in November, if I want to keep to the nanowrimo schedule.