Tuesday, 30 September 2014


I don't know what to do first!

Here's a new poem:

Ode to the blessed (semi)colon
The greatest joke in life is being here
Where transvestite hermaphrodites abound?
If setting semi-colons were a fault
I’d die of boredom, and have died in vain.
So leave your commas, exclamation marks,
Go strip your corset off and wiggle hips,
And breathe again, and earn a just reward.
If colons be the food of life, then eat
And drink and squeeze them into prose
And poetry alike, it‘s all a joke!

A laugh is worthier than tears,
And cleaner too, though strife is parcelled in.
So goof around and snort like Beethoven.
Where sharps and flats abide, we’ll colonize
Our world, giraffes and all the quotes
On earth. No armless, leggless man,
No engineer who can design a world.
Just me, just me, just me, just me…and you.

I'm enjoying writing poetry again after a long break. I joined a poetry site and this has inspired me to start working in this art from again. My quote of the month is a short poem by an American writer born in 1883. 

Here are 4 new drawings:

November is the nanowrimo writing month i.e. 30 days to write a novel. I've done it twice and wrote the draft of another one this spring. But I think I need a new set of characters so I'm going to spend October deciding whether, who and what!!!!

Then there are my 2 choruses! Christmas coming up at speed meaning carols and performances. At least I am ready sartorially speaking. I bought a lovely red blazer this morning. Very Xmassy!