Thursday, 6 March 2014

Imported pages - Revival

I've just imported my other art blog contents to this blog, but they are old entries. I've been doing graphic pen drawings (doodling!) for 6 months now, neglecting the painting almost entirely, not least because I've put a lot of energy into writing, including a whole book last November (for My main blog is HERE and the one I use most is currently HERE. When I start painting regularly again, I will post here more often. Meanwhile I've been reviewing what I was doing in my painting and the doodling/drawing period has been very constructive. First a few doodles to explain what I'm referring to in that sphere with a few fairly recent paintings further down.

watching you A4 graphic pens

Celtic bells A4 graphic pens

big bird A4 graphic pens

robin 80x80cm acrylics

many moons ago II 80x80cm acrylics

hydrangea on someone else's wall 80x80cm mixed media