Sunday, 28 July 2013

From icebox to oven

We seem to have a crazy climate here. At least you know when it's going to be hot or wet if you have predictable climate, but whether from global warning or just in the natural weather sequences, we certainly take pot luck here in Germany, and the meteorologists have a hard time most of the time.
Today temperatures were to climb to the late 30s centigrade, but where I live it stayed round 26°C. The thunderstorms prophesied for this afternoon didn't happen either. But it does get hot in my studio in the summer - and only in the summer. In fact, I usually paint in oils when it's hot. With acrylics the paint is dry before you can get it on the painting unless you work very fast. But I'm painting in acrylics at the moment, so I have to wait till very late evenings since my studio heats up drastically at the same speed as it cools off in the winter. The climate in my studio is more predictable than the climate outside. I hope to post my newest paintings here soon.
I'm not complaining. My loggia gets really really hot so that it is impossible to stay there for longer than it takes to water the plants. Here are some of them. I usually take photos of flowers in paintable poses. I don't get round to painting most of them, but now and again..... (see below the photos for an example)

striped petunias

petunias and raven


a rose from my loggia garden (acrylics 80x80cm)

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