Friday, 16 August 2013

Oh happy day!

It's hard rearing kids, I'm sure anyone who's done it will agree. I think the nicest part for me was arguably my son's wedding last Monday 12th August at a restaurant on stilts on a beach at a North Sea resort (opposite Denmark!). The weather was not quite as planned since the heatwave broke a day or two before our special day, but the sun kept peeping through the clouds and it didn't really matter anyway. I've never seen my son so happy (and relieved that it all worked out so well). It wasn't a conventional wedding. We went to the beach despite the threat of rain (which had stopped others from being on the beach, giving us plenty of space), released balloons, flew kites, went on the swings (extra strong for grownups), ate cake and biscuits for tea (we'd had a sumptuous lunch after the vows), watched the bride and groom jump synchronically in their flipflops, which had "just married" carved into the soles, and spent some of the afternoon sheltering from short, sharp rain showers in our beach baskets (German: Strandkörbe). It was certainly memorable!

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