Saturday, 27 July 2013

More of the same?

I can't help feeling that I have reached some kind of Waterloo with my doodling. Although I use lots of fresh patterns selected often for novelty and some of them entirely improvised, my personal style seems to have become inherent to my drawings. Lately I've seen a few round the net that look a bit or even quite like mine, but I don't copy anyone - that would be too boring. However I would like to thank all those inventive people who keep on finding new patterns that either inspire me or induce me to emulate them.

It's very hot here at the moment and the only way to keep the apartment cooler than outside is to keep windows and doors shut. I'm not one of the lucky ones with air-conditioning. In fact, it would be useless for most of the year, given that we have room heating all winter. And I'm not bothered by the heat as long as I'm not exposed to strong sunlight. But I don't exert myself so much and enjoy doing things that are leisurely and relaxing. Like doodling.

Whatever drawing style you choose, you have to take it gently. Zentanglers say it's one stroke at a time, which is a truism, since you can only make one mark with one pen at any given time. But it does hit the spot. Attempts to speed up the process usually end in catastrophe, even if those same Zentangle experts claim there's no such thing as a mistake! Whatever it is that contributes to my style, I've certainly made lots of marks on this drawing, which was drawn on a blind sting and has turned out to be a sort of bird smothered in patterns and is thus, more accurately described, Neopoprealism. I've copied it at the 4 main angles. The last one reveals the bird in all its glory! But there could almost be a profile on the right side. I only discovered that on the photo!

ornithological wonder A3 (90°right)

ornithological wonder on its head

ornithological wonder A3 (270° right)
ornithological wonder (the right way up?)