Friday, 21 June 2013

Thursday's child and Friday's watery world

Having written about the weather HERE, I now have to admit that I was almost washed out aquadoodling-wise here. I managed  only one doodle before going to bed, after a tiring evening coaching my chorus. It looks better in daylight, so here it is. 

A rather watery grave, reflecting the torrential rain we had yesterday. 
I hope to do better next time!

So this evening I decided to so some 'wet in wet'. The paper I'm using up is really for acrylics. It's amazing how paper affects one's painting. This is an old block from W.H.Smith's in the UK, bought years and years ago and never used. Now I know why. It's like blotting paper. I found some aquarelle gesso and spread a layer. After it had dried I thought the surface would be OK. But I'd finished with the gesso strokes going mainly the long way (I should have known better) and found it impossible to paint in landscape format, so this is a very fast abstract floral done with very wet paint struggling to go somewhere. I should work on it again tomorrow. I started a second gessoed piece of paper with another flower arrangement, Of course, the gesso was less of a help than a hindrance. I think I'll have to spread the gesso with a rag next time and get it really smooth - or stop using that paper...The second watery effort is marginally better. Both are really underpaintings. Though aquadoodling should be spontaneous and should not be a fiddle, I'll have to make an exception for these two efforts. Updates of these aquadoodles are due on 24th June!

rained off???