Friday, 21 June 2013

Extreme weather

Yesterday we had a really dreadful day here, weatherwise. At one p.m. it was as dark as night and we had a hailstone storm and a hurricane that bashed hedges and knocked the young tree in front of my loggia down. I fished it with a broom and tied it to the railing. I was very glad that my shopping round had not taken too long. I often have lunch somewhere, but yesterday I drove home. Little rumbles of thunder could be heard, and I think I got home 5 minutes before a truly apocalyptic storm that lasted a good 2 hours started.

all tied up

early afternoon - dark as night

Amazing powers of nature. Inspiring. In the end the forces of nature always win. The hailstones and hurricane winds bashed the hedges, unrooted trees, devastated my petunias, and flooded a lot of cellars (but fortunately not in my block).

Hurricanes here are of course tame in comparison with those other parts of the world  in e.g. Oklahoma, USA, but frightening all the same. The noise and crashes were quite alarming.

With a lot of south Germany still more or less underwater, another tempest is the last thing they need. Extreme weather to reflect the extreme manmade abuse of nature - the destruction of rainforests in the forefront? It can't be ruled out! We aren't going global. WE ARE GLOBAL. One family. All in it together... Paying the price for greed and avarice, power struggles and - to give it a name- megalomania!

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