Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Not again

a dinner guest named Blackbird
Blackbird now comes several times a day and was yesterday seen hopping around on my loggia tiles clearing up the seeds that had dropped from the feeding point I installed for all the birds who wished to partake. My cat vicky is beside herself when she catches a glimpse, but she has house-arrest! I can't have her bullying the birds. 

I was going to announce that despite extreme cold it has stopped snowing, but it has in fact just started again, though the snowflakes are hesitant, not yet certain which way up they should land. The roads have been free for a few days. I live atop a hill so have to go up and down whatever the weather.  So do all the others up here, and they don't all have good winter tyres. I bought a 4 by 4 in 2011 because the car I'd had before got stuck even with good winter tyres. That winter we didn't get any snow at all. The previous winter I had at times lost sight of my car, which was a street parker (all my cars are) and was bombarded by snow being cleared from the pavements. And even then, founded and freed of snow and ice, the storry was not over. My frozen car would not budge. My 4 by 4 is a new automotive lease of life. It grinds its way free!

The photo was taken last week. Blackbird has just had a quick look at the food situation. He is still full of his skin, though that may be because he's blowing himself up against the cold.

I've just signed up for the next marathon writing orgy! It's scheduled for April. I'd planned to write something in March, but I'm still busy with corrections on my translation of my son's thesis and have started to write an instruction book in German for my sketching craze, which can be viewed here (the drawings not the book!). The book is in German because nothing at all is available on the topic here in Germany. I'm pressing ahead and will put it on Amazon as a kindle file. I dislike writing in German. After more than 4 decades I still lack the self-confidence to go it alone. It's a difficult language, though far less idiomatic than English. 

I must also confess that I'm also still reviewing the 'nanowrimo' I submitted in November 2012. I'm half way through now, but it's increased in length by 10000 words! However, the inconsistencies are on the way out, partly because I know 'who done it'. I vow to write a synopsis for the next novel!   

I have too many blogs. Time to merge one with t'other!  

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