Friday, 8 February 2013

Spring cleaning

I've been so busy drawing in A4 format that I've neglected my sketchbooks. So I've scanned the few I've done in my newest sketchbook and here they are. Sketching is generally understood as something quick and casual, but I can't work like that. The patterns were all done from memory so some ended up differently from what I remembered! Others seem to have worked well and as usual, when I look at my work, I'm quite surprised that I managed to do any of it. There is definitely something in my cranium that takes over. 

I've just started writing a short introduction in German to this kind of doodling. I'm planning to use only work I've done myself, rather than 'borrow' other people's, so I'll have to do some pattern steps of easy patterns I've used and publish the drawings I've used them in, pointing out the sources available on the internet and explaining how to navigate some of them. Since there are no books on Zentangle in German, things can only get better. 

I will not sell my work as 'Zentangle' because I cannot attempt to emulate the experts and neither do I have a CZT certificate or the blessing of the patent holder of the name. But even limited by my own experience and possibilities I hope I can start people off in this art form. The book will be downloadable at Amazon. I'm going to include colours as they can be loaded on laptops, ipads and PCs, and some kindle readers can reproduce colour.   

Now the sketches, which were made mainly between Christmas and New Year. They are not in any particular order here. I thought there were more than 9. I've published one or two before and in some cases I'm undecided about which way up they should be! In my next post I will publish a selection of sketches I did soon after I started doing this style of drawing.

those eyes again

come fly with me


not those eyes again




wheel of fortune