Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Demise of my website

At the moment I am a bit in limbo deciding whether to go for a new website or just stick to blogs! I closed the website I serviced myself after realising that I hadn't been anywhere near it for about 6 months. Web design is time-comsuming, farming out to professionals is expensive, tempus fugit.

During August 2011 my work will be featured at POL. I'm really thrilled about this.

The bilingual blog for paintings shown at my solo exhibition from November 2009 to February 2010 is still online here.

Some of my stories can be viewed here

and my main blog is actually here.

All except this one are in need of care and attention!

There's a nice German saying that translated goes: You can't dance at every wedding. It looks as if I'm trying to...

Time for a cuppa.

P.S. This year I felt the need to turn a few new leaves/corners in my work and I'm at last coming to terms with no longer discovering creatures in every abstract (a number of which can be seen here or at  my exhibition blog) - a foible that lasted several years and drove me potty! Next week I'm going to take part in a workshop for abstract acrylic art run by a very reputable abstract painter from North Germany. I have no idea how my painting will evolve out of that....

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