Saturday, 5 November 2011

Lost track of this blog....

....but I'm going to start attending to it more often.
I'm revamping an old website and removed a few very ancient pages. One of them included this, which I did not write. It's part of a poem called “The temple” which was written in 1633 by a writer named George Herbert. At that time spelling was much a matter of taste and inclination and influenced by the preferences of the print setters, many of whom came from Holland and brought their Dutch spelling along. George Herbert just changed the spelling of some words to make the rhymes visual! Almost like the concrete poetry of the 20 century, which will also be featured here eventually. 

I Bless thee, Lord, because I GROW
Among thy trees, which in a ROW
To thee both fruit and order OW.
What open force, or hidden CHARM
Can blast my fruit, or bring me HARM,
While the inclosure is thine ARM.
Inclose me still for fear I START.
Be to me rather sharp and TART,
Then let me want thy hand and ART.
When thou dost greater judgments SPARE,
And with thy knife but prune and PARE,
Ev’n fruitfull trees more fruitful ARE.
Such sharpnes shows the sweetest FREND:
Such cuttings rather heal then REND:
And such beginnings touch their END.

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