Saturday, 9 January 2010

Keeping the fires alight

This year has started with a vengance. Last week I revised a book I wrote and rewrote for years and years and have started on a sequel. What fun to meet up with the characters from the first book, which I will try to get published this year. There's something about writing which supercedes  almost all other activities for me. I didn't write anything last year, so I seem to have worked up an appetite. The planning goes on at night just before sleep befalls me. Then I get up early and try to reconstruct what I've concocted. By the time I've revised the previous day's work, the new words are usually flowing. If not, I take a break and let my subconscious get on with it.
Between writing sessions I've prepared the basis of half a dozen watercolour abstracts in a quite large format by pouring and manipulating liquid watercolours. Working on these is the next task I've set myself for this weekend, which is very snowy and cold. I'm in no hurry to go anywhere.
In the music sector things are moving, too, but there's no urgency as the first new  choral arrangements are ready to rehearse. And with arranging, most of the actual work is really subconscious. Problem-solving is easier if I don't fight the issues thrown up by having to arrange specifically for the voices I have at my disposal! A change of key, switching voices, tempi, rhythm - all tools of the trade.
Basically all creative systems are the same: form, style and content are needed everywhere, including in our lives.
And even if no one reads these blog entries, that's OK. Writing them is good for getting the creative juices flowing! 

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