Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Playing the web game

I've just found this player in RSSOWL, my feeder that was crying out for attention. RSS is a great invention if you keep up with perusing it regularly! I tend not to, so I'm dedicating this morning to a general overhaul! The problem is that there is so much input that it's impossible to read it all. to add insult to injury, after deleting a number of unproductive or boring addresses, I wrote "painting" and "writing" into the feed finder and it came up with some brand new weird and wonderful suggestions! I could, for instance, read nearly 200 feeds on mystical events through the ages, how to improve your web design (the main website for this was unavailable - needs some good advice or maybe should simply take some of its own), or personal painting blogs by all sorts of self-confident  or sometimes deluded "artists". On the writing side I'm absolutely spoilt for choice. This link is to interviews by various personalities. I don't know how long it will be here, so if you're interested, mark the spot!

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