Saturday, 2 January 2010


Ella was crossing the wooden footbridge when she noticed two boys hanging over the side, looking down at the fast-flowing river.
She often took this shortcut home, though she had been warned not to. It was too dangerous for a woman alone.
She slowed her pace down and kept to the opposite side.
The boys appeared not to have noticed her.
Soon she was level with them.
“Go on!” one said to the other.
“You first!” the second one replied.
A tussle followed, that very soon turned into a struggle.
Ella walked past, looking the other way, but aware of what was going on.
There was a creaking of wood and the railing gave way.
Still locked in combat, the two boys plunged into the water.
There were screams, then silence.
Ella did not stop.
It was none of her business.

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