Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Steaming ahead!

First a quote from my latest blog, the serialization of my newest novel, which is still being written:
"At 44750 words, my novel is taking shape. I still have the main mystery to solve and the mechanisms are still waiting to be worked out. I have two main suspects and two separate murders. One suspect connects the two murders, but in an abstruse way (only murderers really know what drives them on). My target was 50000 words and will be reached easily but probably with a bit of writer's cramp!

Nanowrimo works slightly differently from how I function as a writer! there have been umpteen emails containing well-meaning advice, but in the end only perseverance will get the writing done. When I look back on the novels I've already written, I can see that there is an inner structure which is surprisingly logical, so I am again relying on instinct to get me to the end of the current story!
My next project MAY be a children's book - one to be read aloud, but I'm nervous about it and can't decide whether I should try to illustrate it or get someone more competent. The problem is that many children's books are written by illustrators who have found words to accompany their drawings. There is a long tradition of children's writing born of the wish of pictorial artists to express in words what they draw.  I do paint and draw, but when I'm writing, I have inner pictures of the people and places in the story and leave it to the reader to concoct his or her own visuals."

If the address of "Kelly's Secret" seems strange, it's because there are a lot of Kelly and Paddy Kelly blogs and I did not want to play around with names for too long.
Kelly is one of the main protagonists in the current novel. It remains to be seen whether he gets away with murder - if indeed he has committed one. He has the character of a cunning serial killer, but he may not be one. In "Barndance" he gets off scot free, but will he here?
I'd better start solving crime instead of writing blog posts!

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