Friday, 27 March 2015

Am I still....

...retiring? I'm no longer sure. I've been distracted for the past week because I now have a grandson - an beautiful elf of a creature, whom I visited last Sunday. All the enchantment of being a new mother came back. My son, father of this new arrival, is deliriously happy and that increases my happiness.

So I haven't done much of anything all week!

Oh yes, I have been busy in a way. I have been writing my April novel - getting ahead mainly because, Simon, my grnadson, was not due for a week or two and I thought I would need time out in April. But that is not to be, so I'm just enjoying the leisure of starting to write slowly and then just going down the road my story takes me. NANOWRIMO organizes these writing jamborees and April is not the main month. I've done 3 November novels so far. They and the current one all have the same leading characters and I find I'm developing characters from earlier books in the one I'm writing now.

Then there's the painting. Going slowly at the moment! But that does not stop me looking in at YouTube to see who's been posting. Today I came across this video, which is jolly - and that is definitely the operative word!

But quite apart from the slapstick quality of the painting and demo, this guy said something I should take to heart. On the topic of flower painting he said "Hey, I'm not a botanist, I'm a painter!"(not the exact words) with reference to the jolly floral abstract he was constructing in the video. I'm a stickler for detail and get bogged down to the point of standstill when I'm painting. I'm going to take that quote to heart - honestly.

Then there's my other occupational therapy - arranging songs for my chorus. Nothing new before Easter however, and by the next rehearsal, in 2 weeks time, I have to get a programme ready for our next two concerts. Short programmes - about 10 songs needed - but as usual the big question is which ones?

More next time (I'm not sure anyone actually reads this blog, but that's really irrelevant!)

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