Thursday, 6 March 2014


This morning I received a complaint from Blogger Support claiming that I was misusing their service on a drawing blog that contained only original drawings and harmless comments I had vetted. I wrote back complaining, but to avoid any further hassle, I have removed that blog completely and am in the process of removing other blogs, too! In future I will also allow comments only from members of any blog, and they have to be vetted!

Fact is that I'm extremely careful about what I publish, but for reasons best known to themselves Blogger "specialists" have targeted me!

But it was time to review my blog activity anyway. The result is that I am integrating excerpts from two art-related blogs into this one before deleting them. What will happen to other blogs has yet to be decided. Maybe it is time to give Blogger the push!

I must get on with the transfer task now!