Saturday, 8 March 2014

I've stopped being angry....and.....a plethora of paintings

....about - well, read my previous post! - and have removed almost all of the blogs I had at blogspot/blogger. I'm rather glad about that. I was starting to cater too much for people who took the time to look at my drawings and paintings, instead of just getting on with it. That phase is now over, and I'll probably stop doing the challenges and little competitions that have kept me busy, though they are a good idea. I can still look at what they set as a task and I'm not saying I won't post anything at all, but the reason for doing something for fun that cannot be mainly it is approved of - or disliked - by others, and that's the road I seem to have been going down.

Next topic: I'd like to know what people do with all the journals and altered books and other stuff they create. If it's the creative process that's fascinating, well, fine! But what do you do with it all? Sell some? Too arduous for me. Looking at one's own stuff gets boring, so it has to be swapped around a lot. But then, where do you put the rest? Some of the work I see on various display sites is really fragile. You can't just keep it in a corner or a box.

I keep asking myself what to do with all my canvases (about 400) that are already in my cellar and represent about 12 years' hard work - a living witness to my passion for painting. There are so many that about 60 more are stacked in my studio (some admittedly waiting to be worked on) and looking round my living-room, I see that I have 10 large (from 80x80cm upwards) paintings hanging, not to mention 7 smaller ones in my bedroom and 5 in my hall, and several more hanging in my studio. This plethora of paintings is holding me back because I simply won't know what to do with the results. That sounds like an excuse, but it isn't. 

I think that's why I'm enjoying the drawing style I'm working with now.

A4 - ink and graphite on paper
But even storing these results is getting to be quite expansive! I also have many folders full of watercolours, and a pile just sitting around on a shelf.

All this art stuff is starting to look like my life's work, but it isn't. It's only part of it......