Thursday, 24 October 2013

Splash files - Suminagashi 8/14...

If I keep up this pace, it will take me two weeks to add all the sunimagashi papers I've made so far. I've decided to call these aquadoodles "SPLASHES" because that's what they are! Please note that splashes are studies, not artworks!

SPLASH 14 turned into a seascape with the help of gel pens and pan pastels

splash 14 - seascape

suminagashi 14
N.B. I will update all the previous suminagashi attempts in this post, though not in any particular order, but I'll keep to the numbering installed in the experiments! The latest entry will be at the top of the post. Please note that I will not necessarily keep to the angle shown in the original view. Each splash has many properties. I think this is what makes abstract painting so exciting for the painter and inviting for the viewer. Many if not most of the results are unpredictable. You can plan colour and shape to a certain extent without a role model (face, orange, house, cat etc.), but you cannot plan coincidental movement of pigment or medium.

The addition of gel pens and pan pastels transformed SPLASH 8 into a concoction featuring a profile.
I could have added more patterns, but I think the result goes far enough. 

No. 8 squashed nose

Suminagashi 8