Monday, 28 October 2013

Procrastinating again

Blogs are the perfect way to put off doing what should be done first! I've just corrected the previous post. That's wasn't my intention, but when I wrote it I didn't see the howlers!

It's 28th October, and I still haven't decided whether to spend November writing a new book for NANOWRIMO. I did last year, and finished it, along with about 10% of the entrants, some of who were already best-seller authors using the organization as a platform. I spent 3 months getting my effort corrected. I couldn't believe how many contraditions I'd built in, though I'd tried to keep to a scheme.

Since the spring I've been writing another (the 3rd) book in a series with the same characters plus additions as needed (e.g. corpses and suspects). It isn't finished. It should be by now, but I've been tussling with the all-important question of who actually did the original murder.... and I'm still not 100% because the characters develop during a novel. If you don't let them, they die on you, i.e. become superfluous. And anyway, I killed off my prime suspect early on. Careless of me, but dramaturgically necessary - or was it desperation?

My son maintains that I should sell the first two before writing yet another saga, but that's not the point for me - though a best-seller would be nice! I don't write best-sellers. I write homely little village crime stories, suitable for old ladies (like me) and innocent spinsters (not like me) to read in the dark (well - dusk) with just a reading lamp and the cat/dog for comfort. There's a genre called women's fiction. I don't think it's that, but could I get into writing books with doctors treating women as the main plot? Heaven forbid. 

I have two days to decide whether to rewrite the current novel, or think up another...... I think I'll go shopping and decide later.

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