Friday, 5 July 2013


Every year I buy at least one bunch of peonies. You have to be quick off the mark. The season is terribly short, as if peonies can't wait to wither!
This year I got some white ones that came in little knots, blossomed immediatiely they got into the vase  and lasted 4 beautiful days before looking tarnished and throwing petals off.

opulent but short-lived

Then I immediately replaced them with magenta ones, which were glorious, but shortlived. I rescued a tiny bud and put it in with one or two cuttings I'm trying to raise. Today it has opened. It's about 4cm in diameter and really cute.

peony next to a hydrangea flower

The biggest flower was gorgeous - for 3 days! You can see the tiny bud top right.

 a magenta peony at her best

This morning the sad remains have to go. This ultimate symbol of spring is over. 
This year the season was a month late!

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