Tuesday, 2 July 2013

All square

After a few days break to do some easel painting, I enjoyed splashing around this morning! I think I should have stopped 10 minutes earlier to achieve more clarity, but the result is nevertheless a study in colour contrasts achieved with a few  watercolours, a lot of water and some oil pastels. The gestural scribbling was done with a black pen and is roughly (and deliberately) the way I wrote my name at the age of about 3 years! I used to write a lot of the letters backwards. As a lefthander that came quite naturally. Early specimens of my handwriting are a confirmation of my lefthandedness. I'm in good company, however e.g. Leonardo da Vinci. 
The cutouts seem to have a life of their own. 
The fascinating part of this kind of improvisation is its uniqueness. I defy anyone to reproduce one. I certainly couldn't, although my working palette is always the same and carried over for weeks on end. Some of the effects were achieved with isopropyl alcohol and a flexible scraper (normally used on clay, structure cement and pastos paint). The bright yellow is aquacryl - a liquid paint from Lascaux halfway between watercolour and acrylic. It dries like acrylic on paper, but on my palette I can revive it with water if it dries.   

aquadoodle 20 -  'chaos inc.' 30x30cm

aquadoodle 20 cutout 1

aquadoodle 20 cutout 2