Tuesday, 10 July 2012

What happened to the week?

If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, I think I must be on it. I did no painting at all at the weekend because I had my son here and my whole rhythm of life is different on such occasions.
Last night I fished out two large (about 36x48cm) sheets of paper and did two very fast sketches, reactivating my palette for the purpose. The palette looks  almost better than the painting efforts. Here's the current one. For a discussion on painting palettes and my experiences with them please visit me HERE.

Watercolour palette (melamine) after 2 weeks use!
Since this blog is supposed to be about painting every day, I'd better post the 2 20 minute efforts from last night, though they are a catastrophe. I discovered that the paper reacts like blotting paper. I soaked both sides to make it lie flat, as soaking only the painting side made it cringe. Then I had to use my biggest mop to make any marks at all.  The sketches would benefit from more work on them, but I can't face that blotting paper again. I trimmed the images to make them fit the tall subjects.

blue vase on blotting paper
misty glads on blotting paper

(P.S. I recycled both these paintings after failing to get to grips with the paper!)

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