Saturday, 14 July 2012

New for old

When I first started painting abstracts I found I was seeing creatures in the designs I had poured on or otherwise added to the canvas. They often looked like the two potrait format paintings shown here.

bird sanctuary
90x150cm oil on canvas 2006
song without words V
60x90cm oil on canvas 2008
Then the creatures went into hiding and I found it difficult to work without their company. I started painting impressionist still lifes, landscapes and some quite realistic  flowers. I visited lots of workshops and one or two of the educators were inspiring in their own way. I certainly learnt a lot about various approaches. But none of it really spoke to me from the heart and my desire to paint anything waned, though I kept at it, if only to use up all the equipment I had bought!

Recently, in search of something to rekindle my imagination and after watching a lot of videos such as yesterday's, in which paintings really "come about", I found that my creatures were starting to return, especially the birds. Some of the street art masterpieces were of course drawn first. A massive mural needs good planning and skilled execution, but some of these artists, e.g. Darryn Rae at paint on canvas and just go ahead. They all have their own speciality- with Darryn it's eyes. It's also a good idea to remember Diego Rivera, who is famous not least for his murals, which often served a critical social purpose, as do the street murals of the 21st century (favourite themes include ecology). More on this topic here

The painting for my everyday collection has gone through 3 stages and may not be finished, but here it is anyway:

acrylics 100x50cm 2012

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