Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Still around...

After more or less surviving the mother and father of a cold I've been nursing bronchial asthma and generally feeling a bit under the weather. So fiddling with small watercolours has been the artistic answer to my troubles, coupled with mad midnight piano-playing plugged into my e-piano. Actually my "proper" piano doesn't get much playing at all these days because it's usually after hours when I'm inspired to play. Here in Germany people keep a close grip on musicians who play "out of hours". I assume these include all times when the attentive neighbours could be either asleep or engaged in quiet activities. I'm not sure if there's a law about it, but there probably is. In some residential areas a close watch is kept on what kind of - if any - net curtains hang at the windows. Nothing like conformity. Woe betide anyone who does not conform. But despite all the laws, Germans are relatively casual about sticking to the letter of whatever law has been installed. For instance, smoking was banned in pubs unless there was a room set aside for the "sinners", but that law did not last longer than it took for publicans to realize they would go out of business if they insisted on it. So pubs have returned to their former smokey glory and everyone's happy, except asthma sufferers like me, who can't get out fast enough!
Here, my last entries in 2011 were two delightful short movies of owls you might like to switch to. I'm going to update the art blog regularly from now on. It's here.

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