Tuesday, 17 January 2012


I swore I would read all my paperbacks before buying an e-reader, but now I'm almost ready to invest! Why? Because I think it's time I sold something and I should at least be able to carry it around with me! I've been giving books away at obooko.com, which is a nice freebie site, but a staggering 658 people downloaded one of the books and I came a way empty-handed. I've now removed my contributions from that site. I hope to upload the whole shortish Hugo story soon (as soon as I've made an illustration for the cover). I've worked on the story, hopefully improving it, but it is short and will be available for just a few cents. Longer works will cost a bit more, but nothing like what they cost on paper! In fact, I'm considering reprinting a little book that came out (on paper) in the early 1990s - published by a real life company, which closed after the death of its owner so that my already planned second book in the series never happened. That little book was a reader for learners of English as a second or even third language. On the other hand, since I had started a second little reader, I eventually took some of the original stories and have been writing it ever since. Time to get it out of my hair!
Why Kindle? Dunno really. I like the name and I've already spent a lot of money at Amazon!

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