Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The rain in Spain...

...falls mainly on the plain.
That's the start of my commentary this morning here.
I seem to be neglecting this blog. Maybe I should just stop using it.
95% of all blogs are apparently neglected. I've come across many that are updated about every two years or not at all. I have one myself at wordpress. I keep thinking I'll update it, then forget again. 
Not only are blogs time-consuming culprits. I get various feeds and read them in "bloglines". I keep having to delete feeds I've signed up for because I can't get through them all in a normal day! Amazing stuff, some of it. Most helpful to me are the book reviews. I get them from various sources in the USA and UK and have bought many books on their recommendations.
But the book, or rather, one of the books I'm reading right now is "Cold Comfort Farm", which I found surfing Amazon (a sinful occupation that should not be allowed). Surfing is really a chain reaction. I used to surf in Stumbleupon, but my tamest browser, Opera, doesn't let me do that, and Chrome warned me that it is dangerous, so I've given that up now. 
The book that arrived yesterday and is a feast for all who like a little intellectual diversion is "Philosophy bites", based on interviews with...well, philosophers, except for one who apparently doesn't approve of the internet! (They started as podcasts). It's a good read! 
I know someone who doesn't approve of TV, and I expect there were disapprovers of radio 80 years ago, and before that probably disapprovers of anything you care to mention! Sometimes the reasons are clear, sometimes diffuse, sometimes ridiculous. The disapprover of TV watches all the programmes on the internet, but refuses to pay a TV license because of not owning a TV. How hair-splitting is that?
I'd better stop chunnering on. I would disapprove of my TV, my PC, my washing machine, my dish washer, hot water, light, heating, windows (yes they used to be taxed) and a few other things, but I need and love them all. 

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