Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Change of provider

Between house-painting and general chores I found time to change providers! My main website is now here. The address is temporary and will return to fapj a.s.a.p. As you probably came here after the quick link failed to work, you can continue on your journey by pressing the first of these two links!

Actually, it's quite nice not to be painting canvases for a while. The exhibition was a tour de force and I need time to recover! I don't usually devote much energy to "keeping house", but humble chores can be quite rewarding now and again.

Christmas is pending, of course. You can't miss it. People drape their houses and gardens with fairy lights - not always a pretty sight, especially if they are green and blue and without any apparent sign of design. Down the road, someone has put a santa costume on a shrub. I think that's a bit over the top.  The stores are full of sweetmeats (nice word, that) and all sorts of stuff one is presumably meant to give away on the appropriate date. I'm not really into Christmas. It was lovely when the kids were small, but these days I just watch old films on telly and cook a bit more lavishly than usual.

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