Wednesday, 2 December 2009


I suppose it's the same with everyone. After massive exertion comes a time of rest! Well, not quite. The run-up to the exhibition was really tough and left my studio in a terrible mess. That's been my main task area this week. At last I have sorted out old work, built shelves to hold some of the equipment in an accessible place, and reviewed older paintings, many of which I would not consider exhibiting and no longer even own up to in a few cases, so they can actually be got rid of. That will be the next job!
What next? A dignified end to the year, practising my watercolour skills - I love watercolour, but can't say I've mastered it to any degree. I marvel at the exquisite paintings in the many books I have on the subject. Absolutely magical skills I cannot dream of emulating.......But it's worth a try.
The period between the years is actually reserved for getting the new chorus programme arranged. Although I have many arrangements ready to sing, I keep finding songs I really want to hear performed. That is also a most enjoyable and thankful occupation which keeps me from moping during the Christmas break, most of which I spend entirely alone, since I have no family here except my children, who understandably don't want to spent all their time hanging around me! I've learnt to occupy myself. I should really have a spate of writing, but can't find the inspiration. I know it's a case of getting down to it, but painting and arranging music have a stronger pull on my energy.
This all sounds a bit pessimistic, but actually I'm an optimist and to prove it I'm going to go to the art store and get one or two basic watercolours that are either missing or are running out. They won't turn me into an expert watercolourist, but they will make the job of trying more satisfying!

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