Friday, 13 November 2009

Keeping up with the Joneses.... quite hard if you are one yourself. Jones was my father's surname and I rescued it from the registry office after my divorce, but continue to use the Puleston, which has been my stage name throughout my career(s). Puleston is a name given as middle name to all those born into the Puleston family but not blessed with the surname Puleston and we have a very interesting and extensive website for the family tree which stretches back 25 generations. The site is managed by my cousin in Kent, UK, and he goes to endless trouble and travels thousands of miles to research into the family history. Read all about it here!

Time for a poem.

Shadows on the wall
Once upon a time there was a child
that was afraid of heartache and loneliness
and being forgotten.

Can a child see into the future
out of the security of childhood
into the sadness of old age?

Are the shadows on the wall
by the light of the full moon
the shadows of the soul
waiting to be released
from the prison of innocence?

Are the cobwebs in the attic
that reach out to stroke your face
the same as the caress of a loving hand?

Sleeping and waking you are alone.
The time inbetween is long.

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