Sunday, 18 June 2017

Squeaky clean?

I should laugh more!

That was my first thought as I laughed at myself recently. I don't talk much these days, either, and I don't sing at all - I'm trying hard to move on from the great love of my life that was singing, but unfortunately fell victim to a heart problem, I'm fortunatley past the age when I'd even want to practice again and I have absolutely no desire to teach anything to anyone.

OK. This was to be about laughter. Anyone I've told this story has found it funny, and I do too, though the laugh is definitely on me.

I was on vacation and running out of shampoo, so a little shopping expedition was needed to update my supply. It was to be a decent one that did not leave my hair dry and unmanageable (a tall order anyway).

I went to a big outlet store. They always have decent hair things - not cheap, but decent and in large bottles, so economical in the long run. But shampoo did not seem to be in abundence at a price I was prepared to pay (luxury items stay scentedly luxurious even at outlets!). Then I espied a large bottle on which the word 'shampoo' was the main feature apart from pretty yellow flowers, and readable without glasses - another good feature. It was also a conditioner and had UV protection - ideal for my strawy mop and not expensive. So I bought it.

Perfect. The results were bliss. All the other products used to get my hair under control were rendered superfluous in one go and I emerged silky smooth and refreshed after one round of shampoo and a lot of hot water.

I was so enamoured of the shampoo that I decided I would try to buy it again. Since the internet usually knows where things come from, I surfed until I found the manufacturer. I thought the list of pages was a bit curious, but read on until I came across the title 'products'. To my absolute astonishment the photo of a curly poodle appeared!!! Yes, a dog! Blue and black curls and quite obviously washed and combed!

I swear, it was not until that moment that I associated the word "grooming" that had been on the bottle not with nasty persons who groom innocents for various unspeakable deeds, but with household pets. In my total innocence I had bought a dog shampoo.

In my defense, the shampoo was lined up with others designed for human hair!!!! Who could have imagined that a dog shampoo could get in line with all the heavily scented and often extremely pompous human shampoos that only too often cost an arm and a leg?

There doesn't seem to be anything on the bottle forbidding humans to use the product, so I've used it again - this morning, actually and do you know, I think I'll buy it again. It's far superior to any of the shampoos I've used recently and does not pong like strawberries or violets.

But the laugh is on me, of course........

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