Friday, 11 November 2016

Someone ...Anonymous

... sent me a comment on my article about identification, only there was no content to the comment, just an empty form with a mail address that starts 'Veronica' making me think that Veronica is the name of the person who thought better of actually writing a comment - or is the empty comment a comment, too?

I could speculate about that, but instead I will appeal here to Veronica, or the person behind Veronica, to send the comment. It won't be published until I've looked at it, if at all. I'm open to criticism, as we all are, but I don't have to make a public announcement about it!

In fact, the empty mail led me to muse on the idea of anonymity. That is especially interesting as we now have two public votes to reflect on (secret ballots on the basis of not knowing who has voted what - a joke in itself, since nothing goes undetected these days, even if it is subsequently ignored) that have resulted in upheaval (US and the UK Brexit), both of which were won by small majorities:

Clinton has won the popular vote, but the scurrilous US system of voting means that the people do not in fact have the last say! It's not quite so different with Brexit. 4% 'won' it! But among those 4% were about 20 percent who had no idea what the EU is or what would be lost if the UK got out; many want another vote that actually explains what is at stake instead of propagating lies (e.g. that 350 million would then be available weekly for the NHS - a claim that has now been exposed as false).

The UK vote was a populist one, mainly structured by public figures telling untruths. One of  them helped Trump to victory and is now planning a big career as an ambassador for the EU - fter telling everyone to get out - after which he took German citizenship and actually draws his main salary from working as a Brit representative in the EU!!!!!! It beggars belief, doesn't it?

Incidentally, 13000 UK laws are actually EU laws and the 'nice' ones would have to be integrated into the constitution by law - and that itself is a joke. There is no UK constitution, only laws on various documents, including laws from the middle ages that the Government under May is now calling on to give them prerogatives over and above parliament. What a mess! Technically speaking, 13000 EU laws will have to be repealed and the pickings re-integrated into British law. So why get out in the first place? Answer: because noboy thought of what could actually happen. Cameron dide not tell anyone what was at stake - his mission was to get perks that would secure UK membership of the EU, but that did not work out right. As a result he turned tail and fled (leaving politics and causing a by-election, so desperate was he not to face questioning).

Anonymity is by definition a 'Tarnkappe', that is a magic hat one can don to make one invisible!

Anonymous persons have caused wars, died for their country (buried in anonymous graves marked by a statue), been starved into submission (all people have names, identities, lives, but these are unimportant - it's the anonymous numbers that count), tortured for some cause or other (the new US president is going to introduce worse punishments than water-boarding and according to his manifesto going to encourage the general possession and usage of guns and pistols), In the UK, the unelected leader of the country played her cards according to her ambition to be PM of a country that is now chaotic - but she would not want to lose face - floundering and humiliating in its lack of profile and even viable plans for the future of a small country in a big world.The anonymous Brexit voters are responsible, but anonymity assures them of unaccountability!

I promised myself that I would give up politicizing, and herewith do so. I'm sick and tired of it all. I'm too old to change things - I don't even have a vote in the country where I have lived for half a century and my UK vote expired after 15 years abroad ... So I'll just write books for the hell of it, ditto painting, drawing, playing the piano, shopping etc...

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