Wednesday, 18 May 2016


After 6 weeks here in the UK I am no wiser! In or out?

If Scotland votes out it will be so that Scotland can subsequently break with the UK and become European. That almost happened a couple of years ago. OK. So isn't the UK already European? A good question. Seemingly, many Brits do not think so or at least do not want it to be. And don't forget. All Brits except those like me who lived abroad because getting a job caused me to move to Europe in the first place will have a vote. My voice will not be heard. Should I then be loyal to a country that has clearly forgotten me?

But it's clear that the Brexit press is getting cold feet. After all, people believe what they see in writing and the UK press will not want to be blamed for the chaos that will ensue if the UK decides to float off into the Atlantic!

Leading the 'out' campaign is the ex Lord Mayor of London, a wily and not seldom absurd figure who is making ridiculous, unsubstantiated and clearly inaccurate statements about what the EU forces  the UK to do and has committed many gaffs that are unlikely to do his career any good, though his idea is to use so-called Brexit to further his own political career.

For me as an expatriate of many years the question of Nationality is important. Brexit probably means that I will apply for German citizenship. This situation applies to many others who live abroad. Any loyalty to my country of birth will be made subservient to the desire to move freely in Europe.

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