Monday, 5 October 2015

Time for a break

I wrote this note in my blog for my most recent novel:

I have actually managed to finish this story. Odds and ends are still open, but I can't deal with them until I do a judicial review. The book is longer than I thought it would be: over 78000 words. The reason is that there is quite a lot of romantic action between the two main characters in this story. I surprised myself by adding a romantic element intertwined with the crime-solving intention of the story. I am not a romantic dreamer at all, but I enjoyed writing about it and romance (with some surprises) will certainly be part of the next story. I'm not even sure if crime will play a leading role. 
The title of the next book is to be "The Spiritual Murders" and was triggered by something in this story. Can you spot it? 
Oh dear, that ugly word 'murder' has cropped up again. Who shall I kill off next time? 
I'll have to play God again, which just goes to show how much any existence of the God familiar to the West or any other gods for that matter depends on the inventiveness of the human mind! It's the hen and egg situation. There's no point in discussing it, really.

So the beach-hut murders have been solved - more or less. I'll have to R.I.P.  them for a while because I need time to reflect, but also want to plan the next NANOWRIMO marathon for November. That will be my fourth entry, and I enjoy the challenge of speed-writing so much that I feel bound to have another go.

If I'm honest, I have come home to roost when I am writing - I love words (and word games) and creating characters is almost like the way I created them on stage for 4 decades or more and in some ways less agonizing. I also love to kill off the characters I no long want or need, and that is something you can't do in real life! 

I might try my hand at some poems during October. To read them and older ones you will have to go to the 'Russian Doll Poetry' site. 

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