Wednesday, 3 June 2015

This morning...

...I found a blog I did not know I had. It was in my personal file on my browser (Opera) and I've no idea how it got there, unless it was part of the Opera installation I had many years ago on a computer that was defunct many years ago. 19 years of using the internet have left a trail! I had stopped using that browser because Chrome came in, but I've gone back to Opera because Chrome will not let me into the design area of Blogspot (Blogger). 

So I had a blog I didn't even remember. That's the Internet for you. Dead and dying blogs everywhere you look. But one less now. I have deleted the blog I called "Faith's Folly"! 

But why mention it? I don't keep a diary, but I did write a book about the first years of my own life - a sort of autobiography, richly embroidered with fiction, but containing the little I can still claim as genuine memories. I even had a contretemps with an early school friend, who denied the incidents with which I had regaled her (giving her a false name). I do not know how many of those events actually happened, but they make quite good reading.

What better to pass the summer than by starting a blog to share my autobiographical sketches? I haven't started it yet, but it will go on the list of blogs for your curiosity and/or entertainment. 

Not only am I letting the world in on me, but I am going to continue into the years that were in part painful, but in retrospect not quite as unbearable as I used to think they were. I suppose we can control our memories, either by invention, or simply by sieving through them and opting to forget the awful bits of our lives. I have changed almost all the names of people who could otherwise be identified. If someone now thinks that was her or him, it's his or her problem!

You may justifiably ask why all the fuss. Well, I'm not moving forward in my newest crime novel. I can't make it work at the moment. I need a new corpse, but I'm not sure where to look for it. So it needs to rest for a time. The solutions do appear eventually. They always have. That's what makes fiction writing more fun than biography.

BTW, publishing a book bit by bit is a good way of revising it!

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