Wednesday, 26 March 2014

What did I do?

There's a solution for everything. I've always hoped and believed that when I decide to stop doing something, something else pops up on the horizeon. In my previous post I talked about giving up my old chorus.

Life is one big supermarket. Everything has a shelf life! Customers hope that theirs will be a long one. On wrappings and packets there's usually a sell-by date. You can cheat sometimes, but sour milk is sour milk and stale bread is stale bread, and meat or fish past their sell-by date must be left to rot on the shelves and on no account land in one's shopping basket!

Unfortunately the same thing can happen to friendships, though I admit that they are not friends but acquaintances if their shelf-life is ever earnestly in question. It takes a lot of determination to dump someone you thought was your friend, but wasn't, as happened to me 6 months ago. And family members can also have a shelf life - sad but true. 

My previous short post was about giving up a chorus whose membership is dwindling and with which - if I'm honest - I can really only justify as long as we have a concert or two left to work for.

But closing that door - gradually, I think they can decide when to disband (can they?) - has led to my having new ideas, the main one being to start again - different concept, different music, different singers. And it's happening. I hope enough people will be interested. May 7th will be inauguration day. I'm looking forward to the new challenge.