Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Them and us

I wrote the lines below to a friend this morning and want to preserve them. But why? Well, we all have problems, but on reflection, I'd rather have mine than the ones the guy in the comment has!

PS to the comment below. The  Munich president and tax evader was sent to prison for 3 years 6 months. He decided not to go into revision. The prosecutor had demanded 5 years 6 months and could still go into revision, so the tax fiddler is twiddling his thumbs at home for the moment. I expect I'm not the only one who is wondering why the guy did not go into revision... He claims it's because he's honest and respectable - and that claim beggars belief seeing as he lost his case! The sum swindled is now over 28 Million euros! Still rising?

The honourable president of Munich football owes at a modest estimate over 27 MILLION Euros tax.The state has just decided to postpone raising child benefit by 2 yes TWO Euros per month for 2 years i.e. until 2016. I ask myself where the relation is between those sums. Kids can't commandeer cunning lawyers to fight for their rights. Rich and criminal nabobs can, and enjoy the admiration if not devotion of many (including unemployed and poorly paid fathers of kids for whom 2 Euros more per month will just about finance a large icecream and a new pencil). But the tax evader might not even go to prison because his smart lawyers (millions in fees out of the 100s of millions the guy must have shovelled in - some apparently via currency deals - and the others? - to achieve such a tax debt) will declare that he has told everything. But he hasn't, of course. why should he? Don't tell me he was naive and didn't know what he was doing. That is his defence. His advisers must have been naive too, though they are bankers and probably supportive - fraudsters??? His Swiss bank is definitely an accomplice in the practised art of massive tax evasion. Ah, what a wonderful world we live in. Will the 9 yes NINE euros I paid in tax for last year help the state more than putting the guy behind bars, where he certainly belongs? Am I comforted by the thought that my NINE euros would buy about 45 supermarket-priced bread rolls for the hungry inmates of a prison? I thought of withholding it to see what the state would do about retrieving the NINE euros (which are far below the administrative costs to get at them), but didn't do that, because it would have made me a tax evader, too, and I do not wish to be lumped with all those criminals! Yes. Theft is a criminal act, unless the gods smile on you, as they seem to do on various celebrities and other self-made millionaires What is poverty anyway? When does it start? Where does it end? And why do some people think they have licence to use criminal methods to hoard money they don't need and could never spend because of the ridiculous size of their (ill-gotten?) gains?