Sunday, 9 February 2014

Cat or no cat?

I visited an animal home yesterday and met a little cat who had been so badly treated that it was injuring itself - traumatized. I would love to have adopted it, but would not be able to guarantee its care when I am not there even just for a day or two. The cat would need to be kept alone rather than with a feline companion, and that would have been an additional problem. My heart bleeds for that little cat, but I have to be realistic rather than selfish.  Maybe I'll have changed my mind by Tuesday, when I have to say yes or no. Maybe I could get a companion for him after all. I was struck by the insistance at the animal home that they had done everything for it, but it had been adopted twice and returned as uncontrollable. They inspect the prospective owners. What do they inspect? The amenities? Their inspections so far were not very efficient. Do I want to be inspected in that light? I've had lots of cats and survived them (but probably not survive a young cat like this one). I love cats, probably more than most people, and certainly more than those who are cruel or sadistic to any creature, animal or human.

I closed down a blog I started in 2012 and never updated. It was for a painting a day - an ambitious project I never really got started. I downloaded the content and will now put it into this blog instead. I've no idea where it will appear!