Sunday, 19 January 2014

I can't believe it....

...All of December and nearly all January gone? I haven't been updating this blog (among others) for no particular reason, except that I didn't get round to it. 

I'm quite sure Xmas and New Year need not be talked about at length. I went to the  UK, visited friends and one or two relatives, and had a pleasant time. The weather was congenial, which made driving easy and less exhausting than it would have been in blinding snowdrifts. But the sun hung low in the sky and was a nuisance, since it also sometimes blasted into my outside mirror at an angle and was difficult to deal with. Though the sun was shining, when I drove south from the north to Bristol through North and Mid-Wales, there were acres of flooded fields and pastures each side of the country roads. I've never seen that before. But no roads were blocked. I think I was a day or two late! It rained an awful lot the whole time, but was relatively warm. What a strange winter we are having. Does that mean we'll get snow in June? Anything goes, these days.

Workwise I saw the chorus off with a concert on December 13th. That was really only a short burst of song, but went quite well. We met for dinner the following Thursday and two days later I left for the UK, stopping at Dunkirk for the night, so that I wasn't at the wheel during the dark hours. I hit on a small hotel with fantastic cuisine! I did the drive home in one go, but it took 12 hours because of traffic jams in Belgium. Very tedious.  

Now the chorus is back at work, and we have our differences since I really want to work with people I CAN work with, but that does not seem to be a criterion with them. Should I take the easy way out and retire? I'm ernestly considering winding down, but need a replacement. The chorus will be sure to want to carry on and I don't want to be the one preventing that. I hope I get some candidates for the job, who will then have to qualify for it by training the chorus a few times. They can decide who they want, of course. We work entirely a capella, and that's a problem for someone used to thumping out notes on a piano or keyboard. 

Will I miss having a chorus - for the first time in 22 years? I won't know that till I've tried it.  

On to the next blog now. The entries are almost all out of date!