Monday, 2 December 2013

One of many...

I've no idea how this and other drawing entries got into the old blog I've just uploaded! I've marked those entries by renaming them

mandala with boo-kee and spiky
Original comment:

Challenge 147 was a UMT + boo-kee task. I never really know what to make of UMT (=use my tangle), but assume it does not have to be a monotangle (tangle being the new-fangled name used for the word pattern) and that another of the patterns could (or should?) be my own. I decided not to add colour, as the design seems to need the strong black and white contrast.....The edges are a variation of my spiky cactus border. The spheres are filled with an abstracted version of a cactus flower. 
Second thoughts about colour! I've added digitally coloured versions below. It's amazing what colour does, but I haven't decided yet which one I like best!

digitally added blue
digitally added red
digitally added yellow