Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Time for a doodle - the largest one ever!

I have less time to do this art form because I'm painting several works at once, which is quite exciting because I haven't painted anything of note since starting this zentangle style drawing in August 2012.

I entered this drawing into the collection for the Diva's 121st challenge (what an achievement keeping it going so long). This afternoon I'm going to a friend's to chat and paint, and I think I'll do another large drawing (but not as big as this one!) instead. It's such an effort taking all the painting equipment somewhere, but I can travel light with my pens and enjoy the chat, taking the drawing as pleasant accompaniment. I put a selection of designs on my kindle recently and can refer to them easily when I run out of steam!
The Diva challenge this week is to use a nice pattern you can view on my challenge and dare blog HERE.

miscellany (50x70cm = 20x30in)
I used the one space left that was big enough to house a few birds. Here's a closeup of the section: