Sunday, 16 June 2013

Last night I poured liquid watercolour on a 30x30cm sheet of proper watercolour paper and this morning a rather whacky bird was sitting quite nonchalantly on the paper. Aquadoodling is not about abstraction as such, but about using materials and spontaneity to get oneself going. If it becomes a painting, that's a lucky strike. If it's not good, think about cutting it up and using bits to make smaller aquadoodles, or cards, or bookmarks! I'm not planning to post all my catastrophies here - just the ones that have escaped ignominy.

So the bird was duly and speedily embellished and now looks like this:

The second aquadoodle in this post is one I did just before the whacky-bird. Here the colours are mercifully clear and it seems quite a compact design. I've made digital cutouts that are also interesting abstracts.

aquadoodle 'bathtime'

cutout 1
cutout 2